Palm Beach County Pool Services

You might have come home from visiting family and walked out back and noticed your pool doesn’t look as fresh as it did. Or even worse, you may have come home to a crack in the tiles around the edge.

Never fear, just a quick phone call to Master Touch Pool Service in Palm Beach County, Florida pool can be cleaned and fixed promptly.

Master Touch Pool Service Palm Beach County Florida

We provide a variety of services for Palm Beach County, FL area include installing pool pavers and cooping services, pool cleaning and resurfacing, equipment repairpool repair, system repair, leak detection, pool remodeling and much more..

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Palm Beach County, Florida

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Our Palm Beach County Pool Services include:

Pool Cleaning.  The single most important thing you can do to keep your pool healthy and your investment well protected is clean your pool.

Let Master Touch come to your home and professionally clean your pool so the water stays free of algae and leaves, and inspect your pool at the same time for any cracks or equipment issues.

Pool Resurfacing.  Sometimes the sealant over the concrete starts to degrade with time.  It can lead to further problems and leaks if not fixed right away.

Call Master Touch when you first notice the problem and we can take care of your pool resurfacing right away.

Equipment Repair. Whether it’s the main pump, the heater, or the filter, you need to be sure your pool’s equipment works at peak condition.

If you have noticed that the equipment for your pool is not working correctly, or it’s making a strange noise, call us right away.

Master Touch has all of the most modern gear and the know-how to be able to fix your pool’s equipment and get you back in the water again.

Pool pavers and cooping. Whether you have an older pool in need of refurbishing or you want to remodel your pool area to something fresh and new, let the experts at Master Touch in Palm Beach County, FL plan a new area for you and install the pavers with the necessary cooping around the edges.

Choose from stone, travertine, concrete, or another material, then decide what color you want everything to be and we’ll do the rest.  Even if you want to have a mixture of textures, it’s no problem at all.

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Whether you just need a simple cleaning or a complex resurfacing and cooping project we can do it for you. Call us for a Free Consultation (561) 674-6909 

The experts at Master Touch in Palm Beach County, FL are ready to make your pool the centerpiece of your backyard.

Call us today or e-mail us, and we will set up your appointment right away.  We’re ready to serve you, so just let us know how.

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