Customs Clearances

‘Brisbane Customs Brokers professionally apply our knowledge and experience to help you avoid costly mistake and delays to your shipment on arrival’

Brisbane Customs Brokers is a customs clearance broker & freight forwarding logistics company who become your personal go to contact for customs and quarantine advice. Ensuring your cargo complies with customs and quarantine legislation allows smooth and cost effective movement of your cargo across the border. This is our number 1 priority. Our Customs Brokers will ensure your customs lodgement is completed correctly and the right permits and/or quarantine documentation are obtained, allowing clearance of your cargo without delay through Department of Immigration and Border Protection Service (Customs) and Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Quarantine).

Through our quote stage our Customs Broker and experience staff will advise you on whether there are any Customs permits, Quarantine permits, pre-treatment conditions, free trade agreements or tariff concessions that may apply to your goods prior to shipment movement. Getting this advice prior to shipment movement can save you thousands in unnecessary costs and delays, so no surprises to you when your cargo arrives in Australia.

Before shipping your freight to Australia by air, sea, post or hand carry, we highly recommend you consult with a licensed Customs Broker about your shipment to avoid costly mistakes and delays. Customs Brokers play the critical role in assisting you to avoid customs penalties, quarantine compliance issues, possible quarantine treatments costs and the resulting bond storage that may be imposed on your cargo on arrival. Heavy customs penalties and bond storage may be applied if your cargo is not handled correctly before and during consignment arrival into Australia.

We have noticed a sharp increase in goods purchased overseas or online by individual and companies where the supplier is arranging the shipping to Australia, and the suplier has not checked the Australian import requirements resulting in costly delays, re-export or at worst destruction of goods at the owners expense. This is why it is very important to speak to Brisbane Customs Brokers before going ahead with purchasing anything from overseas. If you have already purchased goods from overseas, they have arrived and find yourself in difficulty, we are more than willing to assist in the clearance of your goods from Customs and Quarantine control.

Our Customs Brokers continually participate in professional development programs through Government agencies, industry bodies and stakeholders. This gives us the ability to stay up to date with current legislation and industry developments which allows us to provide you ongoing importing and exporting compliance. Two key areas that are of main interest to importers are free trade agreements and tariff concessions that may apply to their goods. Call us today 07 3359 9288

Customs services offerd By Brisbane Customs Brokers include

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